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If you already have ZPS installed, you may wish to grab the [url=" Panic: Source v1.2b Client Patch[/url]. Here's what the Steam website has to say about the software.[quote]Steam is Valve's new way of getting games into your hands ASAP.| 769.7 MB Included in this version are new maps, new player models, objective mode and our first objective map, bug free fire, bug fixes, new music, a large list of custom textures, sounds, props, a new feature "infection" and much more. Games like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, and Counter-Strike Condition Zero are all being made available through Steam.Oh, and you can't chat, so you'll be expressing yourself through jumps. You really should let them stay alive, as they will slowly turn in the undead, and can turn against the humans from close! " chapter,only from the beginning; while Survivor mode is based on health management and trades Halo shields for medikits, so you must save and leech health or an error too many in the canals could prove fatal only in the citadel!Also note that there is NO master serverlist so you will not get any servers by searching. | 982 Bytes physics on bullets except crossbow, grenades, rpg and bugbait, the other weapons' bullets wont slow down. ; [*] Gameplay additions: bullet time fast reload as in Max Payne 2, gruesome new gibbing system,friendly fire,open wounds, Critical Hit System as in Shogo (score headshots and melee kills to win health!| 66.54 MB are: [b]Multiplayer: collapsypants, dm_administration_beta, dm_badtaste_betaversion1, dm_basehesketh, dm_battlefield, dm_blockfort, dm_centre, dm_cranefight, dm_crossfire2_b3, DM_Crossfire_Source, dm_deathbox, dm_deathbridge, dm_dome, dm_harbour, dm_hellway666, dm_killboxreloaded, dm_lawrence_hill, dm_lockout, dm_lost_isle, dm_mazeb4, dm_noffib, dm_outside, dm_pipes, dm_powersurgeb6, dm_Stalkyard, dm_stalkyard_mrmof_v2, dm_storage, dm_substorage, dm_vivanco, edgeoftown,eel_dm_box-o-kills_v1a, evil_dirttrack_beta1, fy_forest, killboxdm, manhack_defence, playgroundxbeta, robotwars, scrapyard_c2, skywalkcity_beta, soccer_final, tgh_motw, theoctagon_rocketarena, Tower, Vertigo_HL2_v1 Singleplayer: antlion_outpost2, area17, canyon_defense, infested, quickwar, the_bunker[/b] Also included are .ain's, .vmf's, materials, models, sound and readmes for several maps. Of course, feel free to submit any other Half-Life 2 Maps to [b][email protected][/b] for posting!

If you get too many crashes,lower your audiovideo details and customize your launch options as stated in the FAQs; [*] System requirements: 1G ram, 2.5Ghz processor for medium detail,anisotropic and AAS disabled.

| 769.7 MB fight them off and live through the day.

v1.2 of the popular Zombie Panic: Source multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2 has been released.

| 119 MB The mod also features full HDR [i]Numbness and rage. [b]Abilities[/b]: Killing Spree, HEV Knuckles,super throw (splash enemies with crates or barrels),extended bullet time [b]Weapons[/b]: punch,tazer,stunstick manhack,desert eagle, AK47, HK23, Vulcan minicannon,super shotgun 1/2/4 ammo,cluster incendiary grenade,quad free fire rpg,bugbait antlion,berserk ggun; u]SOLID SNAKE[/u is a talented spy who relies on his stealth camouflage to evade capture or to approach and kill unaware foes in close quarters combat or silent arms.[b]Abilities[/b]: Stealth Camouflage, Fortune Device (EMP explosion that hurts close enemies and makes impossible for enemy bullets to hit you), HL1 Long Jump Module, Double Jump and Leap attack (mid-air melee attacks are stronger) [b]Weapons[/b]: knife,silenced pistol,silenced famas,silenced crossbow with normal fire explosive arrows,gravity gloves (choke enemies!


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