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During his reign the Empire began the conquest of Britain (if the earlier invasions of Britain by Caesar and Caligula's aborted attempts are not counted).Having a personal interest in law, he presided at public trials, and issued up to twenty edicts a day.These events damaged his reputation among the ancient writers, though more recent historians have revised this opinion.Many authors contend that he was murdered by his own wife.He was born at Lugdunum in Gaul, the first (and until Trajan, the only) Roman Emperor to be born outside Italy.Because he was afflicted with a limp and slight deafness due to sickness at a young age, his family ostracized him and excluded him from public office until his consulship, shared with his nephew Caligula in 37.

He spent a lot of his time with the latter and the philosopher Athenodorus.

Claudius' infirmity probably saved him from the fate of many other nobles during the purges of Tiberius's and Caligula's reigns; potential enemies did not see him as a serious threat.

His survival led to his being declared Emperor by the Praetorian Guard after Caligula's assassination, at which point he was the last man of his family.

He could not be trusted to toe the existing party line.

When he returned to the narrative later in life, Claudius skipped over the wars of the second triumvirate altogether.

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