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My balls hanged downwards and out of the hollow portion.There was another chain drilled on the floor at the bottom which had a steel bangle like an entity wielded over it at the front end.The seat of the chair was made in a small butt like outline.On further notice, the shape of the seat seemed more like the size of my butt, like the seat was specially made for me.Aunty came forward and held the clips merged with the chains.She pressed on the tails of the clips to open their mouths, and took it closer to me.Introduction: Hello guys, sorry to have kept you waiting for too long.Let's come into a little recap; Sushant shifts with her Aunty after his family make a trip to USA. of police of the state, Sushant finds out of her being in a dominant role in her marriage.

She restrained it over my testicles, and locked it there. " "A banner reading 'Chemistry', Ma'am." I said in a low submissive tone. As you could read above, this place is your chemistry cabin.There were two chains drilled with the ceilings, and hanging down from it.Each chain had a hanging aluminum clip wielded with their lower end.Sweet criticisms are always welcomed, have a good time. Aunty went to the side wall at a switchboard and pushed a switch down to turn it on.A small cabin with wooden walls situated at the end of the room was lightened up by the switch.

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