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I'm not putting my month on that' Talk about a mood killer. Like a tight foreskin and the inability to retract it.Here's the lowdown, according to Jewish Law:1) A male child must be circumcised at 8 days old.its called taking a shower, pulling it back and washing. its more natural, then again, i get offended if they dont shave, so, ...yea,well De Bon, if hemophilia is a genetic disorder (dont know if it is or not) your argument could be at lest partly true.A mohel did a brit milah instead (only a small cut), so he is for all intents and purposes, not circumcised. When he has become intimate with a few Jewish women, they accused him of lying about his religion to get into their pants, as it were.One asked him if he was a hemophiliac, which he isn't. Seeing that this is 'Ask a girl' I doubt you'll run into a lot of Jewish males.

No culture which performs the rite traditionally can state the origins of the custom in any way which explains it to the scientific thinker.If a man follows any faith it will show in his daily living and that is a far better guide.Ask her to ask you questions only a Jewish man could answer, this should resolve that issue allowing you to deal with the root problem the insecurity. If they all did than that wouldn't be a problem but I strongly doubt that even half of them do.That came along much later after the ability to refine alcohol into an EVEN HIGHER proof had been perfected... Had I been able to speak at the time, I am pretty sure I could have reasoned with my parents and talked to them and convinced them into letting me just wear it down from use to make it look like I took a covenant with God.I am 1/18 Jewish and although I do not attend each week I do follow the laws (well most as much as I understand them)I don't see this as a "Jewish woman" issue so much but more as the normal conflict of woman being insecure about intimacy and trusting men not to abuse it.

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