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Why not move your bills around, so they’re not so heavy one part of the month and so light at another?

Some issuers will allow you to balance out your monthly payments by changing the due dates on your credit cards.

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I pushed back the due date from the seventh to the 18th, allowing me to pay the bill in the middle of the month, when my only major bill was a car payment. I couldn’t move the due date, but the customer service representative told me that Amex’s due date is only a recommendation.

As long as the company receives payment before the next month’s closing date, it’s not considered late.

That gives customers almost a month-long grace period — enough time to pay when it’s convenient to the cardholder.

If you carry a balance on your card, pushing the due date back a few days could cost you a little more on your next bill, because finance charges will continue to accrue.

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