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“I honestly want him to go to jail and serve time to think about what he did.” In the next moment, however, Nixon added: “I just want to say, as I’m researching this guy, he seems like a really nice person, like, you know? “I plan to seek justice for my son in every way possible and intend for Buck to face the consequences of the California’s Drug Dealer Liability Act of 2005,” Nixon said.

Repeated telephone calls to and messages left for Mr.

In that heated political season, Buck also set off a minor controversy exposing credit card spending patterns at City Hall, resulting in an investigation into one council member’s spending for which he was exonerated.

La Tisha Nixon wonders if that political past, combined with Buck’s influence and perhaps even race—Ed Buck is white, while her son was African American—influenced in any way the head-spinning speed of the investigation into her son’s death.

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Buck gave 00 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and another 0 in 2016.

He was also influential in the most recent city council races (to which he gave thousands of dollars to support the incumbents), making him one of California’s most prolific and substantial political donors.

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