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Plus, we knew that we could easily mix some of his favorites with other not-so-favorite options to make it a little easier to go down.Luckily for us, he just made a few weird faces and chowed down like a champ. His purees are relatively quick to make in the blender (any kind will do! We waited until he was almost seven months to introduce carrots as they have a higher nitrate level, especially when making them fresh.But how was that dynamic created behind the scenes?EW sat down with Leigh to get her take on the journey that Alex has made this season.”, this 18-year-old is clearly taken, so she can only fix your broken teeth, and not your broken hearts.Aussie babe Olivia believes her spirit animal is a panther, and is on the prowl for a night where she can get dressed up with a guy who embraces his more mature side.

She also makes a bloody good first impression, which is exactly why her friends think she’s the bachelorette of all bachelorettes.

If you buy organic, wash well and steam, then you should be covered.

I highly recommend steaming rather than boiling to keep more of the nutrients!

This guy would probably be treated to a Zumba dance routine to Tay-Tay’s ‘Shake It Off’. Elegant Eliza from Sussex has stolen the headlines with her nomination.

The 19-year-old’s obsession with History of Art means a cheeky bit of museum and chill is up for grabs in her books, but taking her out for a slap-up meal may be a bit tricky as she’s “allergic to every-fucking-thing”. Described by one friend as “the tallest, prettiest and weirdest girl I have ever met”, luscious Lydia is UWE’s answer to their perfect bachelorette.

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