Doa dating sims online

At least the game doesn't take itself too seriously, as exemplified by the game's opening cinematic, which sees eccentric Dead or Alive fighter Zack discovering the sunken remains of Zack Island, the tropical getaway from Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.

With a little extraterrestrial intervention, he's able to resurrect it, renaming it as New Zack Island in the process.

You'll receive a number of gifts from him over the course of your vacation, though, and you'll do plenty of gift exchanging with the other girls on the island as well.

Before making your way to New Zack Island, you'll need to choose which DOA girl you'll be vacationing as.

From the sports shop you can pick from a huge number of swimsuits that are usually character specific, buy new Jet Skis to give you an edge in the marina races, pick up some different-colored volleyballs, or buy tickets that will unlock additional beach games.

The character models are arguably the centerpiece of the game, and they really do look quite lifelike, with lots of individual detail and some realistic, if occasionally mannered, animation.

There's some genuine craft to parts of the game's presentation, and those looking to do a little virtual ogling will probably come away at least somewhat satisfied.

Still, the quasi-dating-sim aspect of the game doesn't come close to fulfilling its creepy potential, and the beach-themed minigames that populate DOAX2 are few and simple to a fault.

You can't really do anything with most of the items at Zack of All Trades, but any item you buy or receive in the game can be gift wrapped and given to another girl.

The stock in each store is almost constantly rotating, and since gift giving plays such a prominent role, you'll likely spend an inordinate amount of time perusing the various wares on offer.

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