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Some cameras have 2 way audio, so you can even talk to the person or pet. We all know that if we go to a certain IP address on our home browser, we can configure and view the camera, but how do we do the very same thing when we are not home.

STEP 1 There’s several steps into making this work, so it’s best to start at the camera.

In the DOS window, enter the command “ipconfig”, on a MAC enter the command “ifconfig”.

Many times, unchecking DHCP will present you with the necessary fields for an IP address, subnet mask, gateway and DNS. The easiest place to get this information is to go on a PC that is on the network and open a DOS window (on Windows, press the START button and then type “command” or on a Mac, run Terminal).

For example, if you have 3 cameras, you can use 10001, 1003.

From that point on, since port 80 is the default, you must specify the port number after the IP address separated by a colon when accessing the camera, for example if you used 10002, you will use to view the camera from your browser at home.

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