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• Marek Dosbaba (Tescan Orsay Holding), who reviewed the workflow of the TIMA software.

• Paul Gottlieb (Tescan Orsay Holding), who summarised the recent technological and software developments at Tescan and discussed future challenges for the TIMA and automated mineralogy.

So far, all indications are that the universe is flat, so it’s either infinite or so big that the curvature can’t be detected by our equipment (kinda like how the curvature of the Earth can’t be detected by just looking around, because the Earth is so big). However, in the open case it’s a touch more difficult to picture how the Big Bang worked.

The universe would have started infinite, and then gotten bigger.

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“Curved” and “flat” are a little hard to picture when you’re talking about 3 dimensional space, but there’s a little help here.

If you start with light everywhere, you’ll continue to have it everywhere.

The only thing that changes with time is how old the light you see is, and how far it’s traveled.

As a special first edition feature, we have included an entire page that highlights the basic instrument capabilities of each facility.

DOWNLOAD THE NEWSLETTER Curtin University researchers have for the first time been able to visualise where helium atoms are trapped within individual mineral grains, providing information that can help to determine the geological history of the Earth’s crust and assist in monitoring natural hazards like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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