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Wright called her sister-in-law shortly after the fire and told her she set the house on fire. When the officers approached her, she said, "I'm the one that did it." Wright said she was dating a man who lived at the house on W. Wright peeked through a hole in the front door, and the man shoved something through and poked her eye, which angered her.

The day after the fire, officers were patrolling the area when a man approached them and said the person who set the fire the day before was nearby. She then got a hammer and a crate from the detached garage and set the crate under a window.

The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office was consulted and a Murder charge was approved for Bohannon.

Don’t pretend you didn’t come to Rome with the fantasy of falling deeply in love, possibly experiencing the best sex of your life and potentially living happily ever. There’s no judgement here – we’re all practising or recovering Italophiles.

She poured gasoline on the house's curtains and lighted the fire with a cigarette lighter.

According to MCSO, deputies were able to identify the assailant in this case and discovered that he was still nearby.The subject was identified as 35-year-old Wesley Bohannon.He was quickly located and was taken into custody without incident.As for tobacco companies, Jones’ message was far more stern.“#Stop Profiling — because if I have anything to do with it, my people who follow me are not going to be involved in any of that,” she said.A man is charged with murder after shooting another man because they were allegedly dating the same woman.

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