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Naturism is widely and enthusiastically practised here.

Es Cavall d’en Borras is the closest beach to the port and attracts day trippers.

It sits on the only beach where naturism is not allowed. They are enhanced by the close proximity to each other, especially if windy conditions make one beach unsuitable.Access to the island is provided by fast ferries from Ibiza, a ten minute taxi drive (€20) from the airport. Much of the island has been designated as a National Park and both the National and Regional governments are protecting Formentera, especially with dune protection, and building work is strictly controlled and only allowed in areas of permitted development.The island is constantly trying to establish its eco-friendly credentials.It lies south of Ibiza and offers a complete contrast to that renowned decadent party island.For those seeking an escape from the heady pace of modern life, then you need look no further.

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