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This phrase sounds like it’s come directly from the self-help section in Waterstones, and it probably has, but you should learn to love it because the end of every relationship is a loss – even the most rotten, dysfunctional, depraved ones – and loss results in grief.

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Both sat next to each other, starring at a screen, wondering if you should slowly turn your head and offer an eye-catching smirk while definitely not looking like a psycho at all sums up the dating game in a way.You still deserve the same post-break up care as anyone else: ice cream, wine, takeaway, nights out, and more wine.You don’t need to be strong, so ask family and friends for support.Unless your text message reads ‘I’m pregnant’ or ‘I have an STD I previously decided not to mention’, put down your phone and back away slowly.You have decided to break up – you have not decided to become a wicked stepmother. It is the most crucial rule, though the hardest to implement.

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