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Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) can authorize a particular use to occur, temporarily, in a zone where it is not usually permitted.

The permit is issued for a specified period of time not exceeding three (3) years, which may be renewed for a further period not exceeding three (3) years, and establishes the conditions under which the temporary use may be carried on.

Cuba has two currencies, Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUCs) for tourists and the Peso for locals.

As a tourist you will struggle to find many opportunities to pay in Pesos and CUCs will serve you well throughout your stay.

The Cuba visa office is located at the Cuban embassy at 167, High Holborn (nearest tubes Holborn and Tottenham Court Road).

Contrary to what it says on the embassy website, you only need your passport, proof of your accommodation and airline ticket reservation to get your tourist visa.

Viazul employees may also ask for a tip for looking after your luggage.

Tipping in restaurants is at your discretion and there is no minimum amount expected.

Ring ahead to let them know if your plans change once you arrive – it is much harder to email in Cuba as few places have Wi-Fi.

Money Cuban banks do not accept debit or credit cards issued from American banks (for example, American Express).

Cuban currencies are not traded internationally and cannot be bought before you arrive.

It is best to go in person to the Cuban embassy in London to get your visa if you can to avoid additional fees.

The visa costs £15, but an additional £19 processing fee is added if a third party gets the visa for you, or if you apply by post.

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