Dating tips 4 women

If you want guys to like you and fall in love with you, your interactions with them need to be emotionally charged.If you do not know how to flirt, your conversations will come across as listless, platonic and boring.Situational openers are virtually rejection proof – you begin with a neutral approach, then you test the waters by flirting a bit.If you guys have chemistry – you go for a short instant date or exchange numbers.

The first few times might feel awkward but it will become second nature after a few approaches and you’ll actually begin to enjoy the thrill of interacting with total strangers.

We’re just expected to figure it out all on our own.

So let us demystify this abstract concept of flirting.

It is also way more rewarding than hoping that prince charming will sweep you off your feet at some random place!

If you want to be successful on tinder, start by uploading breath taking pics of yourself – the mirror selfie in the ladies room and the selfie with the pouted lips (Aka Duck Face) is just too ‘universal’ to get you any real attention.

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