Dating someone with down syndrome

Although we have many years to come, and many lessons to learn as we parent Penny and our other children, here are a few pieces of advice that I and other parents of children with Down syndrome can offer.

There's a lot of misinformation about Down syndrome, and for women who have received a prenatal diagnosis and for women who have just given birth and received a diagnosis for their child, accurate and up-to-date information is critical in making decisions and maintaining a realistic and positive attitude for the future.

What reason’s can anyone have against people with these types of disabilities to enjoy a normal and happy relationship, any person with down syndrome who is high functioning and healthy enough should have the choice to bring children into the world or not too?

Some people will argue if is not right to bring more children with down syndrome into the world, but you and your partner who might be healthy could bring a child with special needs into the world just the same?

If the women is physically and emotionally stable with high functioning, the question is should she be allowed to give birth to a child of her own?

Since society has begun investing in children with Down syndrome, life expectancy has doubled to about 60, and people with Down syndrome are increasingly completing high school, attending special college programs, and living independently."The National Down Syndrome Society provides checklists for doctors' visits and other resources for medical intervention and support.There are many special needs children today functioning well enough they are accepted in our society, they have jobs they go to everyday like you and me.Some even live on their own, so why should these high functioning people with disabilities not be able to date, marry and have children?There are three types of down syndrome, most people did not know this including myself.Like many forms of special needs children this syndrome has mild to severe cases.

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