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Before they depart Taris, however, the five receive a message from Carrick in which he promises to seek justice for the other Padawans, and he tells them that he has "foreseen" that the first Master to confess will survive."They left? I don't know how…" On the mining colony of Vanquo, Carrick, Hierogryph, Camper, and Jarael run a con on one of the mining stations, convincing the workers to evacuate under the belief that the planet is under attack by Mandalorians.However, as the crew of The Last Resort is loading the mining stations' supplies, they are presented with a surprise: the Mandalorians actually are invading Vanquo, which leads to Jarael's capture, as she was masquerading as a Jedi for the group's scam.In 2008, Knights of the Old Republic hosted the first four issues of the Vector crossover, an event that crossed into all four of Dark Horse's ongoing Star Wars series at the time. You started it.'" In the year 3964 BBY, on the city-planet Taris, the Jedi Padawan Zayne Carrick tries to capture the Snivvian criminal Marn Hierogryph for the eighth time, but Carrick's clumsiness allows Hierogryph to escape and sends the Padawan flying off a building.Knights of the Old Republic featured numerous references to both Tales of the Jedi and the Knights of the Old Republic games, and the series expanded greatly on the Mandalorian Wars introduced in the video games. Carrick is rescued by "Squint", a Jedi Knight who had been sent by Carrick's Jedi Master Lucien Draay to look for him, and Carrick learns that Squint is one of several Jedi visiting Taris's Jedi Tower in hopes of recruiting allies for their fight in the Mandalorian Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Mandalorian warrior culture."And one of the things I kept coming back to was right there in the very first prose Star Wars novel, ghost-written by Alan Dean Foster.There's a brief introductory history of the Old Republic that closes with a quote from Leia Organa: "They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.Jarael rescues Carrick in a red space suit, using the Masters' fear of the figure to buy them time to escape, and Carrick takes on a position as Hierogryph's "henchman" as the four of them escape Taris with Elbee in The Last Resort.

Realizing how unusual it is for four Jedi Consulars to be assigned to a single planet like Taris, Carrick recalls the recent training mission they undertook to Taris's rogue moon, and he decides to investigate the moon in hopes of learning why the Masters killed the Padawans.Ying's arrival on Taris with Carrick is greeted by mobs of celebrating citizens, as the public's loss of faith in the Jedi had led to rioting and mass panic in the face of the advancing Mandalorian threat from the Outer Rim Territories.When Carrick is delivered to the Jedi Tower, Draay and the Masters reveal that they did in fact kill the Padawans after the apprentices became suspicious, as they had refused to believe that Carrick would be Knighted alongside them.However, when they're invited to speak at a convention, or hired by Lucasfilm to continue what they were already doing for free, any doubt that they've become a Big Name Fan goes out the window.The recognition is great, but remember that Celebrity Is Overrated: BNFs are easy targets, and are often singled out for torment by jealous fans. Thankfully, the anonymity factor helps their life from getting crazy: the vast majority of BNFs today did whatever they became famous for on the Internet while older ones did so through fanzines and mail, so their faces (and/or real names) are often unknown to most, making them indeed just another fan in the real world (even if they're gods on the Net).

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