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Karen says it would be easier if I just did electronic transfer instead of coming in, I responded back to her explaining that I do not bank with Bank of America and have no desire to change at this time.

Karen continues to seem to get more irritated with my presence.

this could go on and on, there is soo much S**T out there!!

Reply BOA doesn’t want anyone to actually walk into their bank.

The company has also been under fire for taking billion in government TARP money in 2009.

I told Karen, that I refuse to move from the window until she has called her bank manager.

At this point Karen waves her manager over, who comes to her window, and tells the manager she refuses to help me.

After waiting my turn in line, I proceeded to the last teller window to the right facing the counters to greet the teller. Karen greeted me and I noticed immediately her greeting was not as warming and welcoming as it was to me, compared to the person she serviced before me.

I proceeded to let Karen know that the account that I am giving her is not my account but rather my landlords account and that I needed to make a deposit into that account of 00.00 for a rent payment.

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