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And by everything, I do mean everything: text, video, music, pictures, documents, Power Point presentations, webpages, glossary definitions, and occasionally even numbers are represented as nothing more than a collection of zeros and ones.

In addition, a BIOS typically has a user interface of some sort that is accessible (only) at power-on; this allows many of the configuration options for the computer to be selected before any operating system is loaded.

It’s important to realize that overall security of certificates and certificate authorities relies on keeping private keys private – both that of the CA itself, and the private keys issued to individual websites.

Most dongles are USB devices these days, but the term doesn’t actually imply a type of connector.

For example, when you run Internet Explorer (perhaps by just clicking on its icon) it typically displays a default page fetched from the internet.

This is referred to as “your” home page, and every web browser allows you to configure that default page to be whatever you wish.

POP is an acronym for Point Of Presence (Not to be confused with POP3 – for email-related usage, see POP3).

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The FCC has also attempted to define broadband internet connectivity to be download speeds above 4mbps (megabits per second) or even 20mbps.

Sadly this type of “reporting” is rampant on the internet today.way, the hash generated from the modified document will be different than the originally calculated hash.

By comparing the hash of the original document with a hash of the current document, it’s possible to say that the document has been altered or not.

As I update this article for the latest round of changes, I’ll show you what’s happening.

I’ll also make some guesses as to why the changes were made, and what your options might be. The term home page has two distinct and only semi-related meanings.1) The page of a web site that is displayed when no specific page is specified.

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