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Residents are encouraged to attend the event to find out what an animal by-products processing facility is and does and what effect it could have on the local environment.

There are already plans to raise the profile of this impending planning application with the local MP and any other bodies of influence to attempt to prevent the development going ahead in what is otherwise a rural idyll.

Then on a dry but chilly dark night on Wednesday 18th October we hit the footpaths, byways and jetties of Bassingham.

Armed with maps and torches we zigzagged our way around the village and in the given time the Beavers managed to notch up just over one and half miles of brisk ish! The Beavers all did a great job getting sponsors and on the night they were all really well behaved, sensible, responsible and even managed to keep the noise down.

You can join or find further information, including details on how to send feedback to the County Councils Planning Department, at: Website: @Witham Valley PPG Email: [email protected] group will be posting a monthly update intended to communicate facts and information that may be useful to its readership.

We took ideas from details in the Countryfile Ramble organisers pack and the beavers came up with the idea of doing a ramble at night around Bassingham.

So they all got busy getting friends, family and neighbours to sponsor them.

They have not yet put in a planning application but intend to do so very soon but the sooner they receive overwhelming opposition, the better.

They have rented the Village Hall in Norton Disney for a "public exhibition" between am and pm on Wednesday 1st November 2017.

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