Dating adams jasperware

This particular plate was commissioned by the Ohio Daughters of the American Revolution and is well marked on the back.One NEVER knows what history can be found on a plate!If we find that it is taking more time or is more complicated than anticipated we consult you before going forward.If you wish this type of appraisal please go to Browse Inventory and type in the single word appraisal in the browser box, then put the item # in your cart, you will get the form and can elaborate on your request, ask questions, etc.I got to reading the back and telling her about the over 1200 scenes in this series of plates, designed mostly by Jones, Mc Duffee & Stratton, the largest china importer in the country for many years, and as I read I nearly fainted. I never realized that this plate solved the mystery!

If one wants to take a peek at what else we offer such as vintage prints, antique china, lamps, kitschy flamingo fun, genealogy books or whatever, those items will be located in the Annex category, and are searchable by clicking on the Annex.These cost more, but we do the research on any item/s to include checking resources, recent auctions, etc.You receive a printed report either via a WORD document attachment or in the mail on real paper! We estimate the amount of time needed for the research and give you an estimate up front.Knowing that not all old family stories turn out to be 100% correct, I stubbornly kept looking.Awhile back I was showing a fellow DAR member some of our DAR inventory items and came upon a plate like this.

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