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I know in my heart that he will eventually hurt me, but my love is so strong I just want to experience us being together. I just want to lay with him every night and marry him. He doesn't even realize I hang on to his every word. (It's just not demonstrated in the early stages of courtship). In laments terms, you may not hear from him in weeks, but during that time he may be checking you out on facebook, or asking people about you. Good Taurus test - leave them alone in a room with your pet cat or dog and spy on them - take them to a farm and pretend to go do something else but really go where he cant see you but you can see him an watch.

A lot of that stems from the fact that Taurus is actually influenced a lot by Venus which is a feminine sign - thats why a "healthy" Taurus is cautious, sensitive, nurturing,patient and is also where they get their talent for deep unforgettable intimacy. we have an amazing physical and sexually thing going on for us. He definitely loves stability and to feel like he is the only one in the world for me, and how could he not be with his gentle,romantic, loving ways. He was my everything and I swear I would have done anything for him because of all that we have been through together.

When they touch and feel love they exude a energy that you can feel (and they can too) its soothing and electric all at once. this is definitely a til death do us part, he lets me know this everyday. He was my first for kiss hug and ( red cheeks) sex as well and he knows all of that. I trusted him and I had faith in him and in us that we would make it as a couple together forever.

I always seduce him n he admits that he loves to play hard to get. He gets mad at the crazy comments I make about him dealing with other women when he does the same to me. This stems from completely ignoring you to making you feel like the most important person in the world. When it seems like you won him over, he has already decided a long time ago that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you. We tend to do things like this..thougth it can be torture for us. Because even thougth he may be madly in love with you he needs to know your going to be there for him no matter what - by ignoring you and you chasing him to him it means you wont give up on him. On the other hand - if he knows your with someone else at the same time then he may be struggling with that and not answering because Taurus cannot stand being compared to anyone or feeling like they are in competition.

But once we are started he takes control of the sex game. He makes smart remarks under his breath that I hear that let's me know he loves me... This is usually enacted through unexpected sensual kisses, suprised romantic gestures, and putting our hands all over you. im a female 21 Pisces and i might be in love with a Taurus male 21 . Taurus do not do competition - you either love them completely so they can feel secure and stable or you need to leave them alone.

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