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For more online dating advice, follow @Julie Spira on Twitter and like her at Dating Expert.I’ve been having an online relationship for over four months with someone I met on a dating site and we also talk on the phone. The first time we were supposed to meet (he lives a short distance away) I chickened out. The problem is I’m getting tired of the e-mails, phone conversations and dreaming about this person. I feel if he really cared as much as he says he does, he’d want to meet me in person. Name a restaurant – not too expensive – and see what he says.You can either stay friends with him, while at the same time looking for someone who’s ready for a deeper relationship.Or, you can cut your losses and forget this guy so you can put all your energy into looking for what you really want. “But you have to start dating other people and stop putting all your eggs in one digital basket.” A professional journalist for more than 25 years, Diane Sewell has written for some of the top newspapers and magazines in Canada and is a baby boomer herself.

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Even four weeks is too long to wait to meet somebody in person, according to Julie Spira, the U. As the online dating industry changes, we at Cyber Dating are always working to stay current and ahead of the rest.With that in mind, we are endeavoring to produce short snapshot videos featuring some of our dating site members.On our Cyber Dating websites we are constantly on the lookout for fake profiles and the methods we use are both manually done and with automatic software.Mostly we use common sense methods that you can use yourself when you look at a profile.

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