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This infection is known to affect the pharynx and larynx, which are known to collectively make up the upper respiratory tract.

The common causes for an upper respiratory tract infection are common colds, sinusitis, otitis media and pharyngitis.

When it is accompanied by a persistent cough, it often indicates an infection in the respiratory tract.

The affected people might also experience severe pressure in the area around the sinuses.

Weed pollen, grass pollen, mold, animal hair and dust are considered common allergens that trigger symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Elizabeth Corwin states that pneumonia is an infection that affects the lungs and lower respiratory tract and triggers symptoms of coughing.

In individuals older than 30 years of age, pneumonia is known to occur as a result of bacteria, especially S. Pneumonia is often accompanied by symptoms of chest pain, fever, sudden chills and fast breathing.

Breathing difficulties are also common among those who are suffering from the problem of cough.

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The menthol present in peppermint helps in loosening the phlegm present in the lungs, thereby helping you to cough it out easily.Bronchiectasis is a condition that is associated with the widening of airways, thereby resulting in permanent damage to them.'The National Heart" Lung and Blood Institute' states that cysti, fibrosis is one of the most common causes of bronchiectasis in the United States.In most cases, these infections are triggered by viruses and resolve within a week or two without medications.Wet cough is known as a productive cough due to the fact that it produces phlegm.

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