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The series had Marcus Brody and Marion Ravenwood in regular supporting roles, and Sallah, Katanga, and Short Round also appeared.

Barry drew the first three and the last four issues of that series, while Gray Morrow drew issues three to six, and Gordon Purcell drew the seventh and eighth issues.The representations of Atlantis were extremely well done and remain consistent throughout the book." He preferred Dan Spiegle's artwork in the last issue of Thunder in the Orient as "it's edgier, rugged and has a more 'realistic' and old-school type artwork that is very well suited to Indiana Jones".He felt Leo Durañona's art for Arms of Gold was "decent, but a bit inconsistent.Dark Horse Comics published a bimonthly four-issue adaptation of the Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis computer game by William Messner-Loebs and Dan Barry from March to September 1991.From 1992 the following original series were published: A series based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles television series, written by Dan Barry, began in February 1992 and lasted a year.

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