Cmos checksum bad when updating asus a8v deluxe

I downloaded the latest BIOS (versions 10.006) and am ready toinstall it -- but that's were I have a problem -- I find that I cannot flashmy BIOS.

My system halts saying it does not recognize the installed CPU -- before Ican boot to a floppy disk and flash my BIOS to the latest rev...

Nonetheless, once I get the PSU, I want to try and get the RAM running at 200MHz as opposed to 157.3Mhz... All 500 watt power supplies are NOT created equal, therefore, Hope you didn't buy another lightweight to power a unit that needs quite a bit of power.

My recommendation is to get matched memory from the QVL list.I've also updated my BIOS, and have reflashed it several times because of the error that is to be described in the following post, but to no avail. " The odd thing is, I just turned the computer off for about 10 minutes, and let it cool down, and when I did a cold boot, and reset the settings of the RAM in the BIOS to 'Auto'... I immediately reflashed the BIOS using Asus UPDATE, and after restarting the computer... This has persisted, and it seems to be a pattern: If I do a cold boot, it starts up fine.Anyways, here's my current computer specs: 300 W Aopen Power Supply Asus A8V Deluxe K8T800 Pro (Bios V. However, if I restart the computer, or change settings in the BIOS, I get the Bad Checksum error.My computer has been running hotter than usual lately.Normally, before I installed the RAM, hard drive, and DVD-ROM that I did in the past month, I would get mid-high 30 celsius for my Processor, and lately it's been 45 C or above, and my HDs are all 40-43 C.

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