Chrome most visited not updating fossil dating problems

:) Please also tell all your Facebook friends and family about FBP too, cheers! It lets you clean up the junk and customize Facebook the way you want it to be.It has many cool features, such as hiding all the ads, alerting you when friends un-friend you, letting you change the site’s colours, fonts and background image, it lets you stay on the “Most Recent” feed permanently and lots more.FB Purity has been reviewed and highly recommended in many places including the Washington Post, CNET, PCWorld, Mac World, Get Connected etc and has over 403,000 users worldwide.clean up facebook, Customize Facebook, explore feed, Facebook, facebook ad blocker, facebook purity, FB, FB Purity, fluff busting purity, hide explore feed, hide instant games, hide sponsored posts, hide start a plan, hide start a plan button, highlight public posts, highlight public posts in the newsfeed, list deactivated friends, list inactive friends, show deactivated friends, show inactive friends Important Information for Microsft Edge users of FB Purity FB Purity is now available as an official Microsoft Edge extension available directly from the Microsoft Edge store So the old method of installing the FBP GM Script via the Tampermonkey extension is no longer required.To let other Google Chrome users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F. Purity in the Google Chrome Webstore All other FBP users can update to the latest version of FB Purity by clicking the green “Install F. Purity” button on the FB Purity Install page on FBPURITY. Get FB Purity here: you have any problems with or questions about FBP, please use the available help resources on this website, including the FBP User Guide, and FBP FAQ page which includes a comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide that you should follow if you have any problems.Many heartfelt thanks to those who have generously donated! FB Purity Overview For those who don’t already know, FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated web browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and Maxthon.they are no longer putting the “person x liked this” or “person x commented on this” label at the top of the bumped posts, so fbp can no longer filter those bumped posts out) A workaround for this is to use FBP’s “manual” newsfeed Re-Sort function, which you can activate by pressing the “R” key on the keyboard, which will re-sort the currently loaded stories in the feed into their correct chronological order) Important News for those who have the New Left Column Design Not everybody has new the left column design (it has different and fewer section headings than the normal design, which include “Shortcuts” and “Explore“.If you have previously hidden the “Apps Section” when you had the old left column design, you should know that this actually hides the “Explore” section in the new left column design.

If you install the official Edge FBP extension from the Microsoft Edge store, it should auto update when new versions are released in future.

Be aware however that the Microsoft Store has a slow (manual) approval process for accepting extension updates, so the new version will not show up in the Microsoft Store for a day or two after I have updated the extension.

To let other Microsoft Edge users know that FBP is safe and a great way to clean up Facebook Please leave a 5* review for F. Purity in the Microsoft Edge Store Important Information for Chrome Users of FB Purity If you have installed the FBP Chrome extension via the “Inline Install” method (by clicking the green “Install F. Purity” button on the FBP Install page) or directly via the Chrome Webstore, you should now receive automatic updates (Chrome checks for extension updates once every 5 hours).

This post explains how to turn off the “Turn on Facebook notifications” popups: 1) Click the green “Turn on” button in the popup window.

2) If you havent already turned off “off site” notifications in the browser, a browser dialog should then pop up asking whether you want to allow notifications from It has over 369,000 users worldwide and has been reviewed and highly recommended in the The Washington Post, CNET, PCWorld, Mac World, etc etc.

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