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"I think we're all guilty of double standards at times; of striving for equality but then also wanting things to go our way." • Introducing the app that makes your toilet stops more 'Pooductive' It's no surprise, but it still bears stating: the physical act of putting the seat up can result in bacteria transferring onto one's hand.Dr Alison Cottel, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Surrey, explains the pathogenic dangers repeated touching of the toilet seat may present.• Urinal etiquette: the 10 commandments The toilet seat debate may be timeless, but it is also potent with contemporary issues.Universities around Britain have recently started to implement gender neutral toilets in order to nullify any ostracisation transgender or intersex people may feel.So perhaps having to touch the toilet seat because your partner does not return it to the agreed 'acceptable' position is actually a good thing, helping expose people to low levels of bacteria and keeping their immune system healthy." The astute among you will have already detected in those words a handy retort for the next time your other half criticises your privy protocol: all you're trying to do is protect them against bacterial infection.Dating expert Jo Barnett sums up the problem perfectly.It is popularly preached that men should put the seat down after relieving themselves, but why – in this age of so-called equality – is this still the case? So let's pull up our trousers, flush out the problem and wash our hands of this khazi conflict once and for all.

After our conversation, I spend (too long) formulating a 'one-touch' rule.

Its purpose: to instigate a national conversation about how to make courtship more practical. Then couples who did get married through courtship started getting divorced.

Visits and comments poured in from all over the country about how to make courtship work and why it did not work. I’m talking the kind of couples who first kissed at their wedding were filing for divorce. The deal was that if we put up with the rules and awkwardness of courtship now we could avoid the pain of divorce later.

When I was a teenager, my friends started reading this new book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye. After reading it myself, I grew into as big an opponent of dating as you could find.

Dating was evil and Courtship, whatever it was, was godly, good and Biblical.

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