Chated sex pics dating while going through a divorce

There is nothing quite like the pain of finding out that your partner has cheated, and a new Reddit thread has users sharing how they reacted to the infidelity—along with their reasons for staying with their unfaithful significant others.

Reddit user throwawohaway asked those who have been cheated on by their partners to reveal how they dealt with the breach of trust, inspiring many to explain why they chose to stay with their significant others in the end.

So I recommend counseling, both separately and together.

'We don't live together, so he could've not told me, and I theoretically would not have found out,' she pointed out.

'I can look back on our relationship and pick out spots where it wasn't always perfect.There have been two other periods of time that I thought, "Wow, I have no idea who that guy is, or how I got here, but maybe I should find some other place to be." I got a counselor instead and worked through my own stuff.'But the initial thing—the big cheating episode—that was horrible,' she recalled.'Every relationship is different, and only the individual participants can decide if it's worth it to weird she begs for forgiveness and another chance .. And when she feels she is with an inferior man, she will walk over you like a doormat and cheat on you. Show her that you have zero tolerance for her unfaithfulness. My mind literally went blank , I had no reaction , she begged me to delete the pictures , I told her your safe I won't show them to anyone and no one is going to find out.I decided to forgive her , so I too have no idea what to do about all this.....

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