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But I have got to get on with it if I do.'When you go for your check-ups they call you a "geriatric mum". They say, "Ma'am, you are triple high risk".'The phrase is used to refer to women who get pregnant after the age of 39, where it is considered that there is a high risk of abnormalities.

Risks are said to include premature birth, low birth weight in the baby, stillbirth and chromosomal defects in the baby.

After growing listless of seeing Kara save the city, especially with her cousin, James decided to get into the crime-fighting business himself; using armor created by Winn, he became a vigilante under the code name "Guardian".Her Irish TV host husband Patrick was also in high spirits as he followed his wife and child.Cat and Patrick married in a romantic ceremony in Rome in September 2012.Chic: The mother accessorized her Madewell jeans and white tee with a pair of trendy brown gladiator heels, the mother-of-one complemented her look with a brown handbag thrown casually over her shoulder It's still summer (technically!) so it's not yet time to swap your sandals for boots.

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