You may visit various girly bars located in and around the place.People visiting such areas may hook up with someone they find attractive.Bit of course not all girls are ready to get intimate with the person they meet.But there are some girls who would like to go with you and offer certain adult entertainment services for the money you would pay.Meth is also known as "ice" or "Jabba" and it's a quite cheap drug what locals like to smoke or sometimes sniff.The drug is highly, highly addictive, but allows taxi girls to stay up working throughout the night and the morning.It has been said that local men can sometimes get it much cheaper (for example less than ). For the barangs - the white tourists - 20 - 30 dollars to pay, the Chinese and Japanese - are even more expensive - up to .

Many of the prostitutes in Sihanoukville are Meth(amphetamine) users.

It is said that finding prostitutes in Sihanoukville is not a major issue.

However, consulting with a person who knows regarding the sex and prostitution scene in Sihanoukville would always be helpful.

Old men of 50-70 years are hanging around Sihanoukville with their "girlfriends" in the age of "the younger the better". VERY IMPORTANT: DO NOT USE Mototaxis or Tuc Tuc, if you like to go to the places, where you wish to meet ladies!

If you are living in Sihanoukville you get used to see couples of grandpapa/young girl combination. The Mototaxi- and Tuc Tuc drivers CHEATING where they can!

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