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I have watched films in the past that have had a good beginning and middle but have completely flaked at the end however this movie draws you in and does not disappoint with a perfect ending.If you are looking for a feel good film then this is it, I never really rated the guy when he was in twilight but I must say he excels himself in the lead role role in this movie....Funny and provocative, Boy Meets Girl vividly captures the giddy excitement, sexual heat, and inherent heartache of "non-traditional" love in a small town.Ricky (Michelle Hendley) is a 21-year-old trans girl living in Kentucky.Her only real friend, straight-laced Robby, has been her trusty, totally platonic, confidant for over 15 years.

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You don’t have to go all out with the toys, clothes and makeup if you don’t want to.

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