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coach described rumours that he and last year's runner-up, Bo, were in a relationship as "false", claiming that they only worked together. "We decided to let the story run to keep her name in the papers," said Script front man Danny, who co-wrote some of Bo's latest album. This series Danny has admitted to taking a shine to former actress Alice Barlow during her audition.

Indeed, such was the sexual tension between them we wondered if Danny was going to be the knight in shining armour who whisked her away from the misery of her mother’s illness and her dysfunctional childhood, which included turning to drugs in her teens.‘Are you or aren’t you together? ‘My mum was dying and there was a spark between us. I wanted to convince her everything was going to be settled and calm for the rest of my life.’But things haven’t been easy since then.‘I’ve been through all that Voice s**t but it’s given me an experience I’m going to hone.The music is better and I feel more in control of life. ‘I’d like to think if we bumped into each other...’ The sentence trails off.My best friend, who’s had a baby, has made me the godmother. Bo says her mum always told her to hold her head high and act with dignity.She’s trying to, but I wouldn’t put money on the pair exchanging texts any time soon.

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