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Robert Kraft donated 4,300 from 2008 to 2014 (63.8 percent to Democrats).Arthur Blank spent 7,400 (74.2 percent to Democrats).NFL owners also donated ,100 to Norm Coleman for his reelection/recount fight for the Minnesota Senate seat in 2008. Noted Buffalo Bills fan and advocate Charles Schumer received ,000 total in donations.The NFL also has its own political action committee.At per month it’s the most expensive option out there, but had the highest number of blank profiles.Meanwhile, Plenty of Fish lives up to its name — we received twice as many messages compared to Ok Cupid.99.06 percent of his donations when toward Republicans. Other top Republicans include Browns owner Jimmy Haslam who donated 4,850 (91.12 percent to Republicans) and the aforementioned Woody Johnson who spent a total of 7,500 (91.95 percent to Republicans).Top Democrats were neither as generous nor as ideologically rigid.

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It not only asks you questions about your personality, likes, and dislikes (“Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?

Five owners gave ,000 to Barack Obama’s camapaign in 2008. The largest donor was Tom Benson who contributed 5,000. The biggest contributor was New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft with ,900.

The biggest donating NFL owner, by far, was Texans owner Bob Mc Nair.

” and “What do you spend a lot of time thinking about?

”) but also lets you rate how important a potential match’s answers to those same questions are.

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