Black tie dating service

Between finishing up Q4 work goals and organizing the family for a holiday card, it may be hard to think about dating during the holiday season. Our goal is to optimize your dating life, so you can ABD (always be dating), and to help with this, we had our team pull stats on the best days to log in during the holidays!

You worry about the fruitcake and figgy pudding and we’ll worry about finding you a bae before V-Day At the beginning of 2017 were only live in 6 cities.

He is open-minded when opening up the app at happy hour every day.

Knowing that dating is about meeting all different types of people he doesn’t merely heart only the profiles he finds the ‘hottest.’ He is open to engaging in conversations with all different types of League users: the artist, the investment banker, and even the person that’s a few episodes behind on Game of Thrones.

When on a date he will keep his phone face-down and won’t glance at his Apple watch.

Sure, he may offer to foot the bill, but will not feel threatened when his date offers to split the bill instead.

We know you like your NYE parties like you like your dating apps– highly curated options that match your selective preferences.

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FACTS: GENTLEMEN OUTPERFORM DOUCH-BAGS ON DATING APPS!A LEAGUE GENTLEMAN TREATS OTHERS WITH RESPECT: He believes in equality elitism.He values a partner that will challenge him with different opinions and ideas. It doesn’t take a knight or prince to figure out this whole modern chivalry thing.We’re celebrating Friendsgiving beyond just the dinner.Endorse your single friends by Nov 27th and you’ll be entered to win one of 50 complimentary, one year memberships (including the expedited review)!

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