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The Black family tree is displayed in the drawing room of the family home at 12 Grimmauld Place in London, England on an intricate tapestry, as an ornate mural.

It starts in the Middle Ages and shows the dominant line of the family up to the present day.

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When I first wrote about my experiences with Bin Laden ten years ago, I also wrote about Condoleeza Rice being chased across North Africa by Moamar Khadafi…I wrote about the song he wrote about her. And during the time that I worked for Khadafi at White Bride I watched one Arab billionare after the other come and go with tall, chocolate African mistresses (and sometimes even wives) in tow. But I remember him buying her a mansion in Italy and an apartment building in London.By the late twentieth century, the House of Black had become extinct in the male line with the deaths of Sirius and Regulus Black, neither of whom had children.The female line continued through the Malfoy family, Teddy Lupin and through Delphini who was Bellatrix's illegitimate daughter.The Black family motto of Toujours Pur ("always pure") was followed assiduously by family members; any who disagreed with the notion of blood purity or married Muggles or people of different blood statuses were disowned and blasted off the family tree, as were any Squibs.Thus, family members that remain on the tapestry can be assumed to have married fellow ("respectable") pure-bloods.

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    Sri Lanka was engulfed in a bitter civil war for 30 years between the government and the Tamil Tigers, who were fighting for an independent state for the Tamil speaking minority.