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This meant having his bottom bared and his cock exposed during punishment, 2 either by himself or his wife.

He felt that humiliation along with a “burning” memory of the punishment session itself were the only ways to teach a wayward offspring a lasting lesson.

No-nonsense was really putting it mildly when it came to dispensing corporal punishment to their children.Needless to say, Tommy’s punitive measures for that evening stretched a whole month’s worth of whippings.Nary, however, did it dissuade him from his chosen specialty as a doctor. Tommy was amazed as the living room was being cleared by his sister, wearing a shit-eating grin knowing she was going to watch her brother’s whipping – and get to see his cock sway from side to side as he wailed from the cuts his father leveled with uncanny accuracy with the switch.Once, Richard Stephenson had found his son removing the corpse of a barely deceased beautiful, 38 double-D blonde, with lovely, full lips – who looked more as if she were sleeping than deceased.Tommy was with a few of his classmates and all were heavily intoxicated. Stephenson was furious that his son could be so irreverent towards the dead.

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