Bios the rapid updating

Thanks for having reminded me on the linked thread.

As a consequence I will put an additional remark regarding this kind of Award/Phoenix BIOSes and a link to the detailed guide into the chapter A of if (/t[0-9]*f[0-9]*-(.*).html#msg(.*)/.test(window.location)) $('#foptions_link').click( function() ); $('#foptions_link2').click( function() ); $('#messagewrap').click(function() ); $('.goto_top').click(function(event) ); $('.goto_top').hover(function(), function()); function fix Post Images(){ //adjust max image size padding = 100; optswidth = $('#searchopts').width(); max_img_size = $('.

Basically, I'm not able to find a combination in which I can boot into Windows and have RAID/Intel RST enabled.

Windows 8/10 Features: Other OSStorage Boot Option Control: Legacy SATA Mode Selection: AHCIThe SSD drive shows up in the NVMe Configuration screen. Windows will be able to see the two SATA drives, but of course will not recognize them as part of an array.Thanks for the reply Fernando, I will update as you suggested.Regarding your question how I opened the BIOS, I followed your advice in the linked post below; GA-H57-USB3 Need to mod BIOS to update Intel Rapid Storage Option ROMAhhh, I didn't think about this sort of Award/Phoenix BIOS and the related thread anymore.It is a boot device option (as is the Windows Boot Manager). Note if I set the Storage Boot Option to UEFI here, everything will behave the same except the SSD will not show up in the NVMe Configuration screen.The SSD drive will also not appear as its own boot option, but the "Windows Boot Manager" is an option, and this option boots into Windows successfully.

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