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Prologue: Two characters, husband and wife play out they thoughs and actions. Hubby has picked up on something I said during a hot fuck.

I have chosen to differentiate the two by giving the hubby’s text in italics. Ok, I have been looking at the girls in Readers Wives over and over again just lately. We have never discussed the subject of my wife having sex with another lass. Should I tell him that I really can’t go through with it and see that little boy lost look? He calls me to come say hi to a girl he has met on videochat.

Hubby has suggested a photo session to get more pics for posting on our regular site, so I will get him horny and go on and on about him getting pics of me and another girl.

Look out lad, I am gonna get you so horny tonight that you will beg me to get Amanda over. It started as a photo session as planned but my wife was far too horny to keep still.

I will tell hubby that I am not too sure – to him that’s as good as saying yes, ha, ha, and I bet he will be straight on the internet looking for a willing girl. I admired her top and she said it had a designer label. In two seconds she pulled the top over her head and showed me the label – she was right. We have agreed to let my hubby think he has set everything up before we meet at home. I didn’t realize it was possible until I was deleting some files and came across this saved text.

I wasn’t prepared to find that she was wearing no bra under that top. Like two school girls we tried to outdo each other with our playing around; trying to bite our nipples, squeezing our boobs together, and making our nipples erect. Some of it was mine of course and some of my wife’s on her regular chat site.

For the very first time, if I did it at all, I would insist that hubby was present to make sure I was safe. No monkey business though – he stays dressed and well away from the other girl. The taste is nothing new as hubby took great delight in bringing my juices to my mouth as he kissed me. Amanda is not only willing but keen to meet a fellow bi-sexual beginner and she is almost my wife’s twin except she is brunette not blonde and she shaves her pussy where as I am used to eating a hairy one. What could I do but moan loudly then scream yes, yes, yessssss as I came? I picked the ones with lasses as close to the one that pleased my wife as I could find. I’ll suggest some more photo shots tonight and ask her if the mags will help. I was a bit reluctant as her kitty was bald, whereas mine was quite hairy, although the blond hair didn’t really hide much. I don’t know who won because I lost interest in the screen as my climax approached and flooded over me. I don’t pretend to understand it all but there are a few things that I know that my wife doesn’t.

I had told her that she was to diddle for me but I was not going to touch my kitty.

And that night he fucked me after he saw my pics in the magazine; I admit that my climax was heightened by touching the pics and imagining how it would be if I was with a girl. I should have been too distracted to notice, that night that she showed me her pics in the magazine, but she made such great play of fingering a lass’s pic; and she did cum harder than I ever remembered. I say hi and we chat for a while and she is very complimentary about me. So as not to look too eager I tell her I have things to do and say bye. That night in bed he cuddles me and starts on about me and another girl.

For sure my wife would never allow me to watch, and that is the only reason to encourage her. I try to act as if I’m not really interested but he gets me really horny with his talk and as he is sucking at my clit and driving me nearer to cumming he asks, what if his mouth was a girl’s mouth and she was finger fucking my pussy as she nibbled my clit. She offered to make herself cum but only if I showed her my pussy first. It felt good, so good that soon she and I were pounding our pussies with our fingers to see who could cum first.

And one such function are the chat rooms to which, as a free user, you have full access!

Needless to say the women on the site are there for one reason, and one reason only…

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