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The company is doing this by bringing back many of the familiarities of Windows 7 with a mix of Windows 8.1 functionality, brand new features, such as Cortana, Settings, and universal Windows apps, and changing the way people upgrade to the next operating system. Below you will find everything you need to know to prepare your computer to upgrade to Windows 10.

From making sure all your system's components are compatible with the new operating system, to preparing a recovery plan, to making the necessary changes to prevent possible hiccups during the process.

There could be the case where you'll see the notification that you won't be able to restore factory settings.If you already see the Start button icon in the notification area (bottom-right corner), click it to launch the "Get Windows 10" app.From the top-left, click the hamburger button, and then from the menu, click Check your PC.If everything is good, you'll see a green message saying "This PC meets the system requirements", and you can now safely click the Reserve button to complete the reservation.If there is an issue, you will see it listed under Devices and Apps.

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