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2Abercromby, Baron, of Aboukir, Fern Tower, Crieff, Perthsh., Abercromby, ia bee volant jipr.

ALPHABETICAL INDEX OF THE CRESTSFAMILIES OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IREIASD AND THE COLONIESNote. 3Abarough or Abarow, Somers., a ferret arg., collared or, lined az. 9Abarrow, Hants, a demi-female habited, holding in her hands a quiver of arrows, all ppr. 4Aber, a demi-talbot rampant arg., ducally gorged gu. 12Aberbury, Oxon., a hawk, wings ex- panded and inverted, resting the dexter claw on a mount ppr. 7Aberbuthnot, Scotland, a peacock's head erased ppr., beaked or. IAbercorn, Duke, Marquess, and Earl of, and Duke of Chatelherault (Hamilton), out of a ducal coronet or, an oak fructed and penetrated transversely in the main stem by a frame-saw ppr., the frame or, the blade inscribed with the word " Through." Sola nobilitas virttis. 8Abercrombie of that ilk, Scotland, on a mount an oak-tree fructed, all ppr. i Abercrombie of Fetternier, a cross cross- let fitched gu.

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