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Gallant doesn't hide that he is displeased his sister slept with Pratt but it's Pratt who gets the extra bad news for his generally terrible day.Neela and Abby face their toughest rotation ever after being assigned to the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit, where Weaver and Sandy come needing help with their newly born son, Henry.Pratt and Kovač clash over a miscarriage-prone young woman who arrives to deliver a premature baby, as Kovac seeks to stop inefficient ER practices; Lewis goes above and beyond the call of duty to help Ben Hollander cope with his failing vision; and Coop makes a romantic play for Chen.Lewis's busy workload threatens to keep her from an important date with Hollander, who makes a critical decision on his own; Kovač and Corday clash over the treatment of a patient with questionable symptoms; and Sam's son spends a day underfoot at the ER.

A Thanksgiving helicopter tragedy high above the ER has the County staff racing to aid the survivors.

Two distinct cultures collide when Neela treats two Amish teenagers involved in a car accident.

Corday is the only person who is mourning the loss of Romano.

In addition, three new second-year residents join the staff - including bumbling Archie Morris and the self-assured Dr. Pratt and Weaver wind up on the wrong side of two judgment calls during a hellacious night shift that also finds Abby secretly seeking funds to return to medical school, leading to a frosty meeting with her ex-husband. A spirited new nurse, Samantha "Sam" Taggart, replaces Abby - who returns to medical school but also continues to work as a nurse to afford the tuition.

Neela deals with a little girl who arrives with her beloved grandmother whose status is DNR. Morris is left greatly overwhelmed by the chaos and grisly conditions of life in the ER, especially a case involving an injured child and her desperate, alcoholic mother.

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