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After passing the school bus it came to me, the little boy looking at me was my little brother that died when he was ten years old! As I headed into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice, I heard a very clear and very distinctive babies cry.

From: Videl [email protected]: [email protected]: Reader Submission Date: Monday, April 22, 2002 PM This is kind of a short story, but it is true.

This place had a higher number of deaths associated with surgeries than any other clinic my friend had worked at.

They also had problems with some of their equipment turning on and off, batteries draining, tools missing that sort of thing.

i could’nt get to sleep so i just lay there for a long time.i started to doze off .

The living room was next door to the kitchen and on the counter there was a cutting board ,all of a sudden i heard like finger nails tapping on the bread board really loudly i looked up and i saw a shadow in the kitchen it was really dark so i didn’t know who it was.

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