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I decided to tape the conversation so I spoke to my go-to guy for tech stuff, our company's IT man. I just loved the story but we both know it isn't a story is it? It could have been about your daughter Stephanie, she's a knockout and I've seen her many times at the pool with that tiny black bikini that barely covers anything. I don't blame you Doug gets a hard on when she wears that. No thanks David I think I had enough at the restaurant. No David I've had sex with two boys and they wore condoms as I was not on the pill back then. Boys just don't know what to do, they are all hands fumbling around.

He told me to buy one of those small buttonhole cams and stick in a baseball cap as most guys don't have buttonholes these days. Doug was Margaret's husband, we had played golf together a few times and I had seen how he looked at young girls. You want to go in my bedroom or would you just like to go home. I'd like to stay with you for an hour -- in your bedroom. Do you want to go in the bathroom to get undressed? I showed her to my bathroom, turning on the light for her. I got out of my clothes and climbed under the sheet. When she came out her body was silhouetted in the light from the bathroom. I don't fumble Steph, I like to take time and slowly work a woman up to her orgasm.

The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.

A neighbor, who on the surface, appears to be a pillar of the community turns out to be a blackmailer to get her neighbor to host an orgy for her with five men.

The message read: 'I too go to the same website as you it appears as I just read a so called fictional story about a man having sex with a sixteen year old teenage neighbor by the name of Geena.

We need to talk before I show it to Geena's parents. Hope her mother doesn't find my cum on her panties. You should wash those panties yourself Step, wouldn't want your mom to find my cum stained panties in the wash now would we.

Chapter One -- The Couple Across The Street My i Phone buzzed telling me I had a text. I didn't recognize the phone number but it was local as the area code and the first three digits were the same as mine.

There are quite a few things you don't know about me Dave and I think even you would be surprised. In addition to not telling Geena's parents, I'll let you watch Steph get undressed and take a bath because I've seen you looking at her at the pool, I know you lust after her.

My goodness, I thought, you never know what goes on behind your neighbor's closed doors. These things usually take place at a hotel but I'm too well known around town because of my business so I wanted you to host it at your house. Well Margaret I won't deny it as she is hot looking but how the heck are you going to let me see her in her bathroom. Steph, you can tell my anything or nothing, I'm not trying to pump you for information, I'm just trying to understand the mind of a seventeen year old young woman.

Sam was a good friend in whom I had confided about what happened with Geena, though I didn't name names or tell him she lived next door. I guess I had two choices, one ignore the text and see if they follow through and if they do deny everything, or two see what they want.

I didn't want to get Geena into a situation where she had to lie to her parents, I was too fond of her to put her through that ordeal. You are so considerate, I'm glad I took Em's advice.

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