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You Do Not Appear to Be Listening: People accuse you of not listening to them when they are talking to you.You might find it hard to look directly at them when they are talking, and this gives the impression you are not interested in what they are saying.

You Struggle to Complete Tasks: You are fairly good at starting a task, but keeping the motivation and momentum to see it all the way through to the end is challenging.Sometimes you daydream to relieve boredom, and sometimes you get distracted even when you are trying really hard to pay attention.You Have Problems Paying Attention to Details: This can give the impression that you are careless, or that you do not try hard.You also speed through tasks, even important ones, just to get them over with.You Feel Internal Restlessness: You feel unsettled when you are required to be physically still (for example, at a restaurant or in a meeting). You Make Decisions Quickly: Sometimes this is good; other times it leaves you with regret.

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