Activities about dating violence

This exercise asks participants to form small groups to discuss different program strategies and where they fall on the continuum between intervention and prevention of domestic violence.

Prevention and intervention are described with examples and participants are given activity cards which they place on the “game board” based on their analysis of the intent and outcome of the activity.

In this 10 minute activity participants stand in a line and take a step forward if they answer yes to the statements about sexual and dating violence and sexual harassment (although they are not given labels).Our language is full of commonplace violent phrases that people rarely think about when using them, like "give it a shot" or "when push comes to shove." Participants in this activity are asked to write down and share all of the commonly used violent phrases they can think of.After sharing the phrases, participants discuss the implications behind these phrases, especially in reference to prevention efforts.An easy activity to assist small or large groups of individuals to come to consensus as to why the Domestic Violence occurs within their community.Since there is no one reason why the violence occurs, communities must decide on the reason that the group feels is the most prevalent reason. Adapted by Theresa Kuehl of Domestic Abuse Intervention Services and Julie Andersen of Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence from the exercise “Causal Pie.” This one-hour activity helps communities or groups gain a shared understanding as to which social norms have the greatest impact as to why Domestic Violence occurs within their community/society.

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