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My daughter is 12 she has a learning disability (mild) but she has an IEP teacher she has had one since 2nd grade and I have worked so hard with the school with meetings and tutoring and tweaking her learning style to meet her needs and she does amazing A student I would never want her to just be taken to a different school when that schooling system knows her and has helped her so much I dont want to have to start over I feel like it would effect her grades.

Also she has already said something to her teacher about how she is upset or "stressed" because her dad filed for all of this which I never wanted them to know anything or if so the bare minimum and told her teacher she cant talk to her dad because "he will yell and get mad" and it just breaks my heart.

I dont know what my ex is telling him and its sad I wouldnt think he would fill his head with things but the way hes acting tells a different story.

He thinks that if he does these things and show how much he hates living with me he will be able to go to live with his dad.

I was not happy about my son trying to talk me into it being that he is 9 and my ex should have came to me and not my son. I received lawyer paperwork in the mail from his lawyer wanting sole and physical custody of both my children.

I declined being that they have always went to the same school, lived with me, and have no issues with school grades attendance etc..he gets equal time with them as we have made a schedule several times to work with him on spending time with them being that he works out of town and state some times. Also my son has became completely defiant and being terrible at home because he knows about court and it has caused lots of stress and heartache for me and my husband and daughter.

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Mostly, this message is implied and on rare occasions overtly stated.Often times an aggrieved parent will point out all the flaws of the other parent in an attempt to garner collective contempt against that other parent by all parties involved, to include sympathy for their perceived pain and suffering.It doesn't work, because people are usually more aware of our personal flaws than we are.The girlfriend of his and I were super close as well.We always loved to do things as a full family it was great.

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