3rd party apps for blog updating

They can also see where their friends are hanging out.

“We have a local interface, which can be adapted along individual and customer- specific lines so that every customer – BMW or MINI – can access a set of functions which suit their personal requirements.” (Uwe Higgen, Head of the BMW Group App Center in Munich) BMW App Centers. The importance the BMW Group is attaching to the area of apps is also reflected in its decision to expand development capacity in this area.

And, most importantly, local requirements can be covered to optimum effect by a diverse structure underpinning the available services.

In the USA, BMW Apps and MINI Connected customers can already use the popular and cost-free personalized internet radio service Pandora®.

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Working together with the Munich-based App Center, they allow the BMW Group to ensure that development keeps pace with the times.

According to a latest press release, BMW will allow 3rd party apps into the BMW Apps and MINI Connected systems.

“With third-party apps we’re aiming to give customers the chance to select the provider they prefer, or at least one they are familiar with, for each specific application.

Indeed, the functional scope of the vehicle can be significantly broadened with the help of vehicle-specific apps certified by the BMW Group, enabling functions such as web radio, Google TM Local Search and Facebook TM to be used inside the vehicle safely and in convenience. The app concept allows the range of functions to be expanded almost infinitely.

Updating the app or installing another compatible app brings new functions into the car – without the need for any modifications to the car itself.

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