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For example, anorexia nervosa can be fatal—yet eating disorders have understandably been excluded from discussions about SMI following the events in Newtown, Connecticut.

In fact, all mental illnesses have the potential to be impairing and meet the meaning of “serious” in the sense of the federal definition.

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La coppia decide di sparare un film porno da soli e naturalmente parla e si sposta dalla fiction. We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs.For the past few years, we at NIMH have been increasingly focusing our research on serious mental illness (SMI).Research on disorders that can be disabling (including autism) covered 51% of our non-AIDS portfolio.But if one looks at the broad range of research that could shed light on new diagnostics or new treatments, then one could consider that 81.3% of our non-AIDS portfolio was dedicated to SMI research.

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