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How it hurts you: Information stored in the cloud is only as secure and accessible as the cloud provider makes it.

If you store private information on a cloud-based service, encrypt it.

Don’t provide your Social Security number directly to a doctor or health care facility.

If they ­really need that information, they can get it from your insurer.

If a link on a Web page or in an e-mail seems suspicious, don’t click on it.

Android phones are the target of choice for hackers.

Dropbox has had several breaches over the past few years; and in 2013, a hack of Evernote ­exposed the user names and e-mail addresses of about 50 million users.Even Apple’s famously locked-down i Phone can be vulnerable.The company had to patch a serious bug in its encryption code in February.Last year, we project, 11.2 million fell for such scams, up 22 percent from the year before, according to the latest survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.How it hurts you: Certain malware can disable your computer.

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